The Top 15 Tips How to Win More at Online Casinos in Canada. Part 2

Beware of the gamer’s fallacy

There is a simple explanation for those who do not quite know what the gambler’s fallacy is. It’s an illusion of winning after a stream of repeated losses. Here’s one of the funniest definitions retrieved from the urban dictionary:

«The idea that improving at video games will actually gain the person wealth, and a very quick loss of virginity.»

In fact, there are numerous Canadian online casino gamblers who fall victims to the gambler’s fallacy. After a stream of losses they still keep betting in order to win over, but all in vain. Gamers get disappointed and frightened to play. If you are aware of the gambler’s fallacy, you can play more cautiously and actually enjoy the process without turning it into a paranoiac fever.

Choose the banking wisely

Among the variety of banking methods to withdraw your money, you should always choose the banking well supported in Canada, not mentioning the payment methods which are simply most suitable personally for you. It’s up to you to chose if to pay with your credit card or via some wire transfer payment methods. Trusted casinos never dictate to their users.

The fundamental casinos offer the clients a range of routines which permit you to either store money, withdraw, or do both. They incorporate:

  • e-wallets,
  • direct bank exchanges,
  • Visas,
  • Mastercards,
  • prepaid debit cards,
  • bills,
  • e-check and even messengers.

However, the most well known Canadian banking strategies have a tendency to use e-wallets, credit/check cards, prepaid cards and bank exchanges which is rather trusted for the Canadian players.

Look for 24/7 customer service

Needless to remind that each respectful casino offers professional and timely support all year round day and night without any exceptions. For Canadian users it will be perfect to search for casinos that have French speaking support alongside. It will make the process of communication easier and will especially simplify any finance processing issues or other problems.

If you do still build up a betting issue and you can’t control yourself, the best thing to do would be to look for expert help & support and the colossal thing is that there are a lot of trustworthy, non-benefit associations out there holding up to help you if you deal with the trusted Canadian casino.

You can discover various sites which give free directing administrations and you can likewise talk with other users on particular issues on forums and so forth. With the trusted casinos, everything is clear and public, indeed, so you can easily make inquiries no matter the problem.

Use casinos with quality and speedy graphics

Any professional gambler will admit that the web site graphics and speed of functioning speak volumes. No one likes heavy and lousy software. Gamblers expect to play at colorful and sharply designed gambling rooms with astounding stereo sound effects.

And of course, trusted casinos always use the best technologies and provide the up to date gaming software to their users. If you like slots, you know what’s a buzz. Since there are two major online casino types:

  • No download casino
  • Download casino
  • the quality and speedy graphics may be a real milestone for the users.

The main characteristic of the no download casino is the fact that it is impossible to install it to the personal computer. It is designed for the gambling immediately from the web browser. Casino games are more likely to be offered by means of the specific plug ins. It is possible to gamble online with such casinos only after the direct plug in installation into the computer of the user (for example, java or macromedia, etc.)

So, the graphics should be really fast and exact not to interfere with the gambling process and bring delight to the users. In addition, the games should be designed in such a way that not to overload the   users browsers, sow them or source too much memory, etc.

The casinos that are download require the installation of the special casino software in order for the gamer to be able to game and bet at accessible games in the personal computer without any inconveniences.

The main advantage of the casinos that can be loaded is that they are usually run faster in comparison with the no download as far as the sound programs, as well as graphics are based within the casino software. Again, the best casinos expose the most qualified software to cater to the Canadian gamblers.

However, it takes some time to find the software and install it. In addition, it may contain lots of virus programs caught from the I-net sources, etc. Besides, in some games of the casino on Internet special effects may be run much faster and smoothly than compared with the web-based no download casinos. It may be clearly noticed, for example, in the slots reels spinning or handling cards in the blackjack game.

So, the moral is, any user should be able to make head or tail of the above mentioned refinements and keep in mind that trusted Canadian casinos always have the best graphics, and sound technologies in both download and no download casinos.

Never bet more than you can afford to lose

In the case if you are gambling only to make a buck, you are not acting smart. Canada online gambling should be sought after as a form of entertainment first of all. There is always a chance to lose your budget suddenly and irrevocably. In fact, if you cannot control yourself it may result in:

  • huge money loss
  • totally spoiled mood
  • lousy gambling experience
  • disappointment in online casino in general

That is why you should bet wisely and never bring into the game more than you can spend. Do not be greedy!

Know when to stop

When you got used to playing regularly and bet great sums of money, you can easily loose feeling of time and space and overplay so that lose everything at once. The golden gambling rule is ‘know when to stop! ’ no matter which game you play and how much is already on your bank account. Have a budget and control your gambling heat. Always remember that it’s better to abstain from playing:

  • when you are drunk
  • too tired physically
  • have low reaction speed, bad mood or tired brain in general.

Abstain from playing on games which continue consuming your cash. In the event that you get that sinking feeling that you are losing your cash, basically quit playing. It’s much simpler when you do the improvement over viewing your cash and removing it away from your eyes. Simply shut the game and after that return to it on another event, maybe in a couple of days’ opportunity with fresh and sober mind.

Have maximum fun!

Slow down for a second if you have already been playing furiously for a couple of hours without a pause! Is that huge stake that makes you crazy? Always remember that the primary goal of gambling is to have fun and enjoy yourself, but not the blind treasure chase.

With the help of online casino games every user should have maximum fun and profit due to several reasons:

  • it’s easy to play online
  • it makes your brain work
  • it teaches you to think differently
  • it may be even profitable
  • it helps to relax, release stress and so on.

You can play Canadian online games at home, so put on your pajamas, relax, take your time and have maximum pleasure at your favorite casino game online.


The best Canadian casinos on the Internet may offer the wide range of the best casino games of skill and chance, card, table, online slots, etc. A lot of respectable casinos can also offer the bonuses and various types of comps for both: experienced regular customers and newcomers.

However, to win big at online casinos you should become a serious player first. In order to achieve the best results, it’s essential to learn the rules, develop strategies and try games for free before real money rounds.

Do you know how to control your emotions? Are you willing to risk a large sum in order to win even more? Do you know how to control yourself and be able to stop when a lump sum is at stake? You have to be prepared for many situations that may occur in the most seemingly inopportune time, in order to play smart. It’s often hard to stop the game and take the win. It is always better to leave the casino after winning, but not losing.

So, with the top 15 best online casino tips on how to chose and play in Canada, you will be able to approach the process of casino search as well as the gambling process itself more wisely and smart, with the maximum benefit for yourself, be secured and have much fun and enjoy the Canadian casino games to the fullest. That’s why you should definitely look through the above mentioned tips before you conquer the online gambling realm. Good luck, all of you!