How to gamble in Mac online casinos in Canada

A plethora of hardware architectures and operating systems allows you to select the computer that best suits your needs. There is nothing wrong with that, of course. However, some problems occur when you want to play in your favorite casino but it only supports Windows operating system. Luckily, in Canada, you have immense possibilities to choose online Mac casinos designed specifically for Canadians. It could be hard to stop on this or that casino, unless you already know what to choose. But for all newbie gamblers, an online definitive guide to the best Mac Canadian casinos is a must-read. CasinoMonster provides the timely and constantly updated list of top Canadian online casinos designed for Mac.

While there’s little difference in where you actually play, but online casinos for Mac do have their own specifics. The major one is that the majority of casinos do not offer a downloadable version for Mac players. Alas, in 90% of online gambling sites you will have to play in a browser. Yet, there are some advantages too: Secure gaming

One of the benefits that Mac operating system can bring to the table when playing at an online casino is dependable and secure gaming. The Apple Company has always been considered for your security. No viruses, toolbars or any kind of unpleasant software will be downloaded on your machine.

Some say that it is not going to be a problem, if any ads are saved to the computer. However, once you start getting your browser freeze, while gambling, you will notice the difference.

Customer satisfaction

Among the most vital keys if you want to leave the casino on positive balance is the comfortable design and customer satisfaction. There is a school of thought that no one should play risk games when being angry or dissatisfied with something. Fortunately, almost any of the Mac casinos are able to offer you that deal. Beautiful design, mind-blowing features and short keys, so that you get to experience only the best.

Scrupulous selection of the best games

The choice of games in a Mac online casino is usually not that rich comparing with Windows analogues. However, knowing this disadvantage, Mac casino owners do their best to provide you with an excellent selection of the best games among ones developed so far. Let’s face it: about 80% of games in any online casino are crap. You will hardly play such games more than once. On Mac, available games are hand-picked and therefore are of much better quality.

What no download casino services can be handled by Mac?

It goes without saying that most of the online casino providers for Canadian players are claiming that they have compatible software with Mac that does not need to be downloaded. According to studies fulfilled by CasinoMonster, this is obviously not true.

After all, it is not that easy for the content to be optimized for all and every operating system. First of all, in order this to be true, the casino software must be compatible with the default Mac OS X browser – Safari. What is more, it is supposed to be run by Java or Flash as Flash is the preferable one. Nevertheless, Java will do the work without any problems, too.

The best advice CasinoMonster can give you is the following: if you have any wonderings or questions, do not hesitate to contact the casino’s customer support service. They are there to help you and if the casino is prosperous, you will get immediate response with the needed information. Their staff will explain to you detail by detail how to prepare and run the game, as well as any further problems.

Why no download casinos?

In the first hand you often don’t have much choice for the reasons stated above. Second, online no download casinos especially those that are tailored for Canadians are simpler and friendlier to play. In today’s world much more people have internet connection wherever they go, whatever they do.

Therefore, having a full online service will not be that big of a deal. Most casino companies are working 100% in the «cloud», that is, not requiring a user to download anything. This is a huge advantage as long as you browser is already overwhelmed with plugins, addons and auto-opened homepages you never installed yourself and have no idea how to remove them.

Another impressive benefit of the direct online casino is that you can play any time you want, from the nearest computer. You just have to remember your account, login and start having fun. Yet, do not forget to log out of your account every time you have been connected to the website. Once your account gets stolen, the road back to calm and happy betting is long and bumpy.

Is there a way to play a downloadable online Canadian casino on Mac?

As long as an online casino provides a Mac client the answer is yes. However, we understand the question is not about that. So here is a longer answer. Windows apps cannot run directly under Mac OS X. But there are a number of virtual machines (simulators) that reproduce the entire Windows environment on your Mac machine. The price for such convenience is performance.

Virtual Windows machine runs slower than its real prototype would. Nevertheless, if you are running out of options to gamble online, installing a Windows downloadable of a particular Canadian online casino would be a decent way to roll some slots on Mac.

Why Mac computers won’t run windows casino software?

Even though this is a very interesting question, the answer is quite obvious and simple. The bulk of regular casinos, when downloaded, provide an (. exe) file format only, which cannot be recognized by Macintosh machines.

Am I going to experience the same games, graphics, sound effects and so on, when playing online?

Sadly, no. It is obvious that when a certain service is provided only using the Internet, without the hard disk drive, the site will not be able to provide everything as the download version. Thus, the graphics will be poorer. Sometimes, even the selection of games is less.

Nevertheless, if you want faster and secure gambling, choose the no download option, it is much more convenient. Overall, most of the important and interesting games are still provided for Canadian Mac owners, and we suppose you are not in this site to appreciate the graphics. Make your choice and have fun, this is all that counts.

Are there any splendid Canada based online Mac casinos?

I suppose this question is rhetorical as Canada is able to provide you with multiple casino offers and places where you can enjoy some gambling adrenaline. Immense bonuses and rewards are secured. What is more, many people in Canada are using Macintosh operating system, hence, the creators of online gambling sites have thought about them and created multitudinous casinos that have the option to be played via Mac product.

The above list is top notch and 100% secure online casinos selected by CasinoMonster’s experts and thoroughly tested for payout, legitimacy and fun. We cannot promise you will win every time you gamble there, but after reading the above online Mac casino reviews you can choose the best place to make some crazy bets.


On the whole, if you are using Mac computer, stop thinking that you do not have opportunities to gamble. Immense variety is provided, as well as customer satisfaction. Pick the favorite casino place of yours and feel the adrenaline rushing through your veins, while being comfortable on your Mac.