Go hunting for great prizes with the Tally Ho online slots game

With the hunting season around the corner we can all feel the excitement in the air, and this special atmosphere doesn’t skip the popular online slots casinos. With the enchanting Tally Ho online slots you can set out on a thrilling adventure without even leaving the house, but the hunting in this game comes with a twist: instead of being the hunted, the foxes actually rule this game and they live life full of luxuries. This entertaining theme makes the game extremely enjoyable, even though the payouts are quite modest.

Any player who is interested in low-risk online slots in Canada would find this game appealing, as it has an interesting theme that includes beautiful graphics and authentic nature sounds. Because there are not many risk factors in this game, the player can sit back and actually relax while the game unfolds on the reels in front of him.

The Basics

Tally Ho is a 5-reel online slots game with 9 available lines that can award the player with different prizes if a winning combination appears on the reels. A winning combination consists of at least 3 identical symbols that appear adjacently from the left reel to the right. This rule applies to all symbol, except for the scatter which awards the player with bonuses even if it doesn’t appear on the reels in any particular order.

The symbols in this game are all represented by posh items such as fancy food, great mansions, elegant cars and foxes attired in extravagant clothes. All the symbols fit perfectly to the luxurious theme the game possesses and that’s what makes this game so entertaining.

The Extras

As in most casino games, Tally Ho also has extra symbols that can increase the players’ chances of winning. First of all, there’s the wild symbol that substituted for all regular symbols in the players’ task of creating as many winning combinations as possible. This symbol is extra special because all winning combinations that include the wild double the players’ wins in addition to awarding him with a lucrative prize all on its own.

Next in line is the scatter symbol, which can award the player with 10 free spins if at least 3 scatter symbols appear anywhere on the reels. During this bonus round, all the players’ wins will be quadrupled – a decent prize indeed!

Last but not least is the additional gambling feature, which gives the player a chance to try and increase his winnings even when the initial prize is modest. This feature allows the player to double or quadruple every win by guessing what kind of card would appear on the screen, but if the player is not successful in his guess all he won that round would be forfeited. This feature is quite risky, but as it adds some thrill to a simple slots game, it’s what can transform the gambling experience into an exciting adventure. But if the player is not willing to risk it, he can skip this part after winning a prize of some sort and keep on spinning without any worries on his mind.

In Conclusion

Tally Ho is a simple and easy paced slots game with a nice theme and a modest payout. Although a regular spin won’t award the player with much, this game can be comparatively lucrative when the player gets free spins or if the wild symbol is involved.

All in all, this game can be quite nice and it’s a perfect fit for players who are not looking for big cash prizes but are interested in a nice game that will make time fly by quickly.