Gambling in Canada mobile casinos. Pros and Cons.


Global mobility has become something normal in our lives. Something that we cannot live without anymore. Many consider this technological advance as a bad thing. For example, how will you be able to play online casino from your smartphone using only Internet if we have not got here. Over the last years playing from your mobile phone has become a new trend in gambling. In Canada there are numerous places and sites which you can visit and experience some of the latest features in betting. All you need is a stable Internet connection and a mobile device. What could better than that? However, peeling apart all crap-and-scam mobile online casinos is a tricky business. We mean, yes it’s CasinoMonster’s business after all, but it is hard for an individual to dig through those ditches himself. That’s why we compiled our top list of the best safe to play mobile online casinos in Canada and wrote a guide to play mobile casinos securely.

The giant companies like Apple have created multiple machines that are able to handle this kind of gaming. For instance, the iPhone and iPad are more than revolutionary products. They form the gambling life how it is supposed to be seen in one’s eyes – pleasurable and relaxing. What is more, the Android operating system does not hold back, either. Their staff has developed various features and applications which assist you with better connection and experience. So, what are particular benefits of Canadian mobile online casinos?


One of the most respected benefits of mobile online casinos is that they provide you with opportunity to play from every place in the world you want. Moreover, it is much more comfortable even if you are at home. It goes without saying that it is not that easy to take the full-sized personal computer and lay on the bed. By contrast, when using your phone, you are able to get comfy and spin some money around.


Security is more than just an advantage. It is among the reasons why you should trust a particular application. Fortunately, when playing from your mobile device, based on Android, iPhone or iPad, you can relax and have fun. These platforms provide contemporary security techniques that will never let any third party get access to your personal information. Both operating systems count on strong protection.


It is mandatory for a service to provide its clients with immense variety in order for them to be satisfied all the time. With playing mobile online casinos in Canada, you gain access to the latest and most advance games that are being produced by the developers. Hundreds of chances to win, as well as multiple jackpots and rewards are being offered every day.

How to decide which operating system is better for online gambling in Canada?

There are those who maintain that only iPhones and iPads are capable of handling casino services. It is quite clear that this is not true as a considerable number of the online casinos are provided by Android operating system. Overall, there is not any huge importance laid on which services are better.

If you are in Canada, ready to gamble, you are on the right place. Do not hesitate about the machine you are using, both will do the job more than perfectly. The more interesting question is whether you should prefer a mobile casino app or play in a browser.

Should I play in the native app or in a browser?

Just like with a desktop computer, the choice is up to you. But browser-based gambling could offer a poor choice of games and reduced quality of graphics. Not a big deal if you ask us, but sometimes you may really want to see all those fireworks on your screen when you hit the big roll. As for security, we recommend selecting a strong password for your online casino account and log out after you finished playing.

How to pick the best Canadian mobile casino?

Needless to say, there are numerous factors to be taken under consideration as the stakes are really high. You do not want to end up on a site where everything is messed up and you cannot focus on the important part – gambling.

The first thing you should look around is if the particular casino has positive reputation. Nothing says «do not gamble in this site» more than a bunch of bad reviews. On the contrary, if a mobile online casino is being praised, it probably the best around.

Not many players will provide lies just for fun. Gamblers are a community that wants to help each other in digging the most prosperous place to feel some thrill. Also, avoid paid and biased reviews and guides. Such guides are easily detected as they usually try to push you into a certain casino name. If you don’t know where to start, read CasinoMonster reviews of Canadian mobile casinos. The list of the best sites is above.

Another key factor is the awards and nominations. Many casinos have won or been nominated in various categories for splendid performance. If one has won, it will probably do everything possible to show you that prize. And there is nothing wrong with that. If a mobile casino deserves its prize, why not sport it?

Will I be able to get my bonus and jackpot amount?

Many people worry that when playing from mobile phones they will not get their winnings back. Don’t worry, there’s no danger here. The casino is aiming at your customer satisfaction in order for you to suggest it to your friends. Therefore, it will do what it takes to make you happy and withdrawing your belongings is one of those.

Can I use the same account on both a personal computer and mobile phone?

Well, of course you can! Isn’t it that the whole purpose of having an account, to play whenever and wherever you want? Hence, go ahead and sign up from your smartphone; if you later decide to switch to the computer, you can always proceed.

Are games the same as on the computer version?

Unfortunately, when using your Android, iPhone or iPad device, the chance of having all the same games as a computer is less than minor. This is due to the fact that smartphones have considerable less processor specifications as well as graphics. Well, aside from may be the top notch models.

Thus, some games are being reduced from the list and others are made simpler. Even though some are removed, you are left with hundreds of others to choose from. Slots, roulettes, blackjack, keno and other mobile game of chance are still available to you.


To sum up, if you have fully working Internet connection, a mobile phone and you are staying in Canada, you will not be bored. The variety of games is tremendous as well as the rewards, bonuses and jackpots. There is nothing greater than staying at home and not having to deal with big computer but simply enjoying your phone. Overall, do not forget that is all about having fun and adrenaline from time to time. Therefore, make a final choice and have some risk emotions going on.