Cupid’s Target

Feb 14th, also known as Valentine’s Day, is just around the corner and  Cupid’s Target Promotion at All Slots  is ready for you. Devoted to the remembrance of St. Valentine, this is the time when people all over the world acknowledge their love to their sweethearts and supply them with all the best gifts they can find. And what could be better than winning a share of the $100,000 cash prize?

The All Slots Casino gives Canadian gamers the opportunity to play  Cupid’s Target Promotion at All Slots  and add to their casino winnings throughout the month of February. The casino features an extensive variety of bonus gifts that is possible to access with no extra deposits. Simply play your casino games as you normally do. Join the promotion and enjoy additional facilities plus Free Spins on the casino’s most well-liked slots, free gaming credits and cash back deals. More tickets are earned by playing more.

Just as you win payouts, regular casino bonuses and game bonus payouts, you will keep on accruing tickets for the weekly draws. Each week throughout the month of February Cupid hits his target of $25,000 in Cupid’s Target Draw prizes to be given away. In total, players are given four opportunities to collect their share from February’s $100,000 bonus gifts.

Valentine’s Day

In earlier times people believed that the heart was the centre of all human emotions. Consequently, the gifting of a heart implied the selfless act of giving all you have to someone you love. Although the ancients didn’t know that the heart was responsible for circulating blood though the cardiovascular system, they understood one thing quite clearly – that the heart was the nucleus of all feelings. This age-old belief has remained throughout the ages. 

Of all the Valentine symbols, Cupid is the most legendary. Practically everyone recognizes Cupid: a naughty, chubby little boy, equipped with bow and arrows that penetrates hearts. The arrows indicate passion and sensations of love, and Cupid aims those arrows at gods and humans, inflicting upon them the insatiable desire to fall intensely in love. Cupid has always played a part in the merriments of love and lovers. In Februarys  Cupid’s Target Promotion at All Slots   online casino in Canada , he is the guy who helps you earn big payouts and a share of the $100,000 cash prize.

How to Play

Everyone’s welcome to participate in acquiring tickets in the  Cupid’s Target Promotion at All Slots . Right through the month of February, you will have a love affair with Cupid in trying to win the weekly draws. After playing the games, submit your tickets into the draw. Every Saturday a draw is held and players will discover what they have won. It’s a good idea to play a few extra games because the more you play, the more tickets you have to submit to the draw and the more chances you have at winning. Every week is like a mini-draw since new possibilities to win are available at every draw.

Loyalty points are accrued when you play your favourite  All Slots Casino games  such as card games, casino slots, table games and lottery games. Whenever you have accumulated 50 points, you will be given a ticket for the Draw. By earning 100 Loyalty Points per week, you will get 2 draw tickets. If you make it to 100 Loyalty Points every day throughout the week, you will receive 14 draw tickets!

A Little Help From Cupid

Cupid’s arrows are surely at work with this lovable promotion. Whenever you play for three consecutive days in a promotional period, you’re awarded an extra three times multiplier on your current tickets. Playing four days in one promotional period gives you a four times multiplier on your existing tickets. Five days of playing in one promotional period gives you a five times multiplier on your existing tickets. Playing for six days in one promotional period  your existing tickets will be multiplied six times and playing for seven straight days in one promotional period ensures your current tickets receive a 7x multiplier.

Promotional periods are:

  • Round 1 is from January 31, 2016, through February 6, 2016
  • Round 2 is from February 7, 2016, through February 13, 2016
  • Round 3 is from February 14, 2016, through February 20, 2016
  • Round 4 is from February 21, 2016, through February 27, 2016
  • Wins will be transferred to your account on Sunday.

Standing Check

There is a built-in tool called the Check my Tickets tool. It lets you know your ticket collection amount so you can keep track on how many tickets you will have to enter into the next Draw. Click the Check my Tickets button after opening the Cupid’s Target promotion page. This will let you know the amount of tickets that you have to enter into the upcoming Draw. Your extra multiplier tickets that were added to your ticket count can also be seen with the Check my Tickets tool feature.

The leaderboard permits you to evaluate your place in comparison to other players. The leaderboard exhibits your position, centred on the amount of earned tickets. To see how many tickets you have received and the number of gaming days as well as added tickets you earned, just click the leaderboard and submit your name. A personal message will be sent to you from the casino. You will also be told of the next draw.

Cash Prizes

Each week throughout February $25, 000 will be given away.  Five players a week will receive $1000. Ten players will be given $500; $100 will be distributed to twenty-five players. Fifty players will receive $50; one hundred contestants will receive $25. Two hundred and fifty players will get $10 and one thousand players will get $5. Every Sunday morning as you check your account, you will discover how much you won. 

A Love Affair

A lovely romantic get-away will be given as an extra bonus in the  Cupid’s Target Promotion at All   Slots  . Play from February 7th to February 10th and earn a chance to win one of three, $1000 tickets for a Valentine’s Day weekend get-away.