Big Kahuna Mobile Slots

We’re always on the lookout for new mobile slots games and here comes Big Kahuna Mobile Slots!    In Hawaiian legend, the kahuna was a sorcerer or a conjurer.   There were 40 different types of kahuna.   You will begin your day as a simple tourist on a warm tropical island with the breeze blowing gently and the natives always ready to bring you more of the native fruits for your enjoyment.   But, then, as if from nowhere, you will be challenged to earn the title of Big Kahuna and your success or failure will determine the fate of the entire island!   Given your heroism, we predict that Big Kahuna Mobile Slots will become one of your mobile slots favourites.

Mobile is the New Smoke Signal (LOL)

The age of the mobile device is here to stay.   Whereas we once were amazed by the cellular telephone, we now accept the mobile library in our hands!   Microgaming continues to refit their classic pc slots and other games for mobile.   Big Kahuna Mobile Slots is compatible with most mobile platforms.  

Would you Rather be Anywhere Else?

Let’s return for now to the quietude of this beautiful island.   Elsewhere in the world are reports of winter lingering on, snow and ice prevailing, while here in paradise relaxation prevails.  

The six fruits, as colorful as they are juicy, whirl about the five reels.   They are joined by a local lizard, with its tongue darting out of its mouth, but posing no threat to your repose.

Joining Mr. Lizard and the fruits is a monkey, wearing a toothy grin, again indicating that there is no danger about.   The mountain is called a volcano but it hasn’t blown its stack in hundreds of years.   The natives pay it no heed and the Chief seems genuinely unconcerned.    Finally, there is a mask, hand-carved out of local wood of which there is a plentiful supply.

Wild and Scatter Symbols

The Big Kahuna logo serves as the Wild.   It replaces all the symbols except the Scatter.   When you get five Wilds in a winning combination, your reward is $8000 times your wager on the winning line.

The grinning monkey is the Scatter.   It pays in all positions unlike the other symbols which pay from left to right.

In most slots games, the Scatter sends you to the bonus rounds but in Big Kahuna Mobile Slots there are two bonus rounds and two different symbols send you there.

Volcano Bonus

You have travelled many kilometers to arrive at this tropical heaven-on-earth.   All is well as the sweet and moist fruits keep coming, the lizard pops in and out of view, the Chief flies by on his way to performing his official duties.   The islanders are hard at work, serving the tourists and carving masks.

And then….. the danger that has been in the background of island culture for generations suddenly comes to the foreground!   Three volcanoes appear on the reels and the volcano gives every indication of an imminent eruption!   The Chief and his bevy of advisors rush to see what they can do to prevent the mountain from blowing its top.   What they find startles everyone!   Only a single brave tourist can quiet the volcano.   You are chosen to bravely face the volcano and are whisked by the Big Kahuna Mobile Slots to the…. Volcano Bonus!   The wind now blows menacingly…. woooohhh, and a suddenly violent tropical thunderstorm rages above the volcano.   The Chief instructs you that you must muster all your innate courage to placate the volcano by offering it a single fruit.   You have to choose wisely from the fruits that have been made available to you.

You make your choice and to everyone’s deepest gratitude the volcano is mollified.   You receive a cash reward but everyone now knows that the volcano is no longer dormant.   You may be called upon to soothe it again.   You don’t tell the Chief this, but secretly you hope to be called upon to quiet the volcano many more times!

Mask Bonus

You return to your rhapsody but now with one eye open toward the volcano.   Then, three masks appear on the reels and you are instantly transported to the Mask Bonus.   Eight hand-carved masks appear on the screen.   Behind five of them are cash prizes and behind three is the word «collect».   You choose these island works of art one at a time until you hit «collect».   We urge you to linger a bit at the Mask Bonus; the artistry of the wood carvers is worth the time.

If you are unlucky and hit «collect» with your first choice, the islanders will award you a nice consolation prize.

A Lifetime Achievement By playing Big Kahuna Mobile Slots often, of all the new mobile slots games, you will be reminded of your role in saving the island from certain demise.   Becoming the Big Kahuna will stay with you forever as a reminder of your genuine behavior in the face of horrific danger!   Make Big Kahuna Mobile Slots one of your mobile slots favourites.